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Power Generation & Distribution Systems

Scipar, Inc. provides modern and efficient solutions that offer automatic control and monitoring of hydroelectric plants. By developing and implementing state-of-the-art human machine interface technology, Scipar provides clients with the capability that allows system operators to observe a system’s current status and make control changes as needed, either manually or automatically by enabling automatic control methods. In addition, Scipar includes automatic and closed loop control functions and algorithms that are unique to the hydroelectric power industry.

Features included in Scipar's Control Systems:

  • Hot Failover Redundancy
  • Automatic Generation Control (AGC) Unit and Plant control
  • Spillway Gate Control
  • Process Scheduling
  • Data Collection
  • Data Archiving
  • Reporting

The features included with Scipar customized Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems improve performance making it one of our clients' most valuable assets.

Water Management

Scipar, Inc.’s SCADA systems provide innovative solutions for our clients in need of water and waste water management. Scipar projects have provided solutions for flood control, dams, water delivery systems, wastewater treatment plants, sanitation lift stations, and groundwater recharge systems. Our water management systems supply our clients with a stand-alone control system that includes a Master Control Station and numerous operator consoles that can be placed at convenient locations. Similar to our hydroelectric power systems, the operator is able to monitor activity and make control changes manually or by enabling automatic control methods. Features can include pump control, flow control, unit control, and gate control. Scipar’s water management SCADA systems are a beneficial tool in improving water management efficiency for our clients.

Canal & Aqueduct Systems

Scipar, Inc. designs SCADA systems that meet the unique needs of canal management. Scipar’s SCADA systems perform data collection and monitoring functions as well as control of the gates and associated equipment agencies. In addition, our system’s human-machine interface capability lets a system operator view the current status of the canal functions. Systems can be interfaced to Scipar Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for control of features such as pump control, flow control, unit control, and gate control. Our systems are a logical and advantageous solution for our client’s canal management needs.

Navigation Locks

Scipar Inc. designs navigational lock control systems that include all the features of our standard SCADA systems. Along with the typical features to monitor and control independent lock structure equipment, Scipar SCADA system design enables the addition of the custom control algorithms used to ensure lock sequence and synchronization requirements are met. Public safety for vehicular and recreational boating traffic is handled via a variety of traffic signals, drop gates, and warning sirens. All safety features are engineered into the automated, semi-automated, and manual lock control system design. Extra record keeping capabilities track lock usage characteristics such as cumulative lockages, lockage durations, power consumption, and water discharge. Scipar systems span the range of simple stand-alone lock control to systems combining Dam, Vehicle Bridge, and Lock control.